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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Cat Mate, Dog Mate and Petsafe Staywell cat flaps and dog doors, as well as our other procts including the Fishmate range of pond pumps and filters. If your question isnt listed here use the 'Contact Us' form to ask us...

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How Do I Contact You?

You can contact us in several ways.

You can use the 'Contact Us' form to submit your query or call 0117 971 9922 (Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm)

What is 'My Account'? How do I update my information?

It is easy to update your CatFlaps account and view your orders any time through 'My Account'. 

'My Account' allows you complete control over your transactions on - Manage/edit your personal data like address, phone numbers, email ids. Change your password. Track the status of your orders.

What Payment Methods are Available?

We use PayPal & Realex to securely process your payment. You can by PayPal account or with any major debit or credit card.

General Questions About Pet Doors

Does My Pet Need A Pet Door?

Pet Doors provide your pet with a portal between two different environments, indoors and outdoors. This provides pets with a greater freedom of choice and extends the area over which they can self-exercise and explore. Pets benefit from increased exercise, fresh air and opportunities to investigate, fulfilling innate requirements and stimulating them psychologically.

Sometimes it is not a good idea to allow your pet unsupervised access into your garden. If your garden is not secure then there is a danger that your dog could escape and put itself and others in danger. If you live near busy roads you may decide to keep your cat indoors at all times to eliminate the chance of it becoming involved in a road traffic accident. If cats are kept indoors all of the time then owners have an obligation to provide them with a stimulating environment.

Why Should I Use A Pet Door?

Undoubtedly your pet will benefit physically and psychologically from the freedom that a Pet Door can offer them. Pet Doors generally provide different degrees of freedom, depending if your pet is a cat or a dog. Cats generally use Pet Doors to access an area which may extend beyond the boundaries of their ‘territory’ or garden into their ‘home-range’ or neighbourhood. Dogs generally only use a Pet Door if their owners have secured the boundaries of their garden.

Acceptable behaviour outdoors is not necessarily acceptable behaviour indoors and it is important that our pets can differentiate between the two environments. Pets don’t learn to toilet outside, they just get into the habit of toileting outside.

How Do Pet Doors Work?

Pet Doors are pushed open by pets and do not require constant authorisation from the owner. This potentially allows the pet access to the garden whenever they want it, avoiding toileting accidents and therefore relieving the owner from constant supervision.

Many Pet Doors have settings that can control a pet’s exit or entrance inside a home. These can be manually set by the owner or could be activated by a device carried by the pet.

Pet Doors can save energy too because they are small, generally positioned close to the floor and are only open for the instant that the pet is passing through them.

What type Of Pet Doors Are Available?

4-Way Locking Pet Doors have the ability to allow open, in only, out only or locked settings.

Some Pet Doors have closing panels which attach to the internal frame of the Pet Door, effectively sealing it. These are sometimes known as 2-Way Pet Doors.

Some selective entry Pet Doors also have 4-Way locking but the pets carry a device which authorises their entry. Selective entry systems may utilise either magnetic or infra-red keys attached to a collar or the pets identification microchip. Intruding cats are a significant cause of stress for resident cats. Selective entry cat flaps keep out unauthorised intruders, preserving the resident cat’s core territory within the home.

Pet Doors come in a variety of sizes, colours and profiles to fit into doors, windows or sliding glass doors. Tunnel extensions are available for some Pet Doors so that they can be fitted into walls.

The Microchip petporte smart flap®

The Microchip petporte smart flap is the most technologically advanced type of selective entry cat flap. Activated only by the cat’s own microchip, it denies access to all other intruders - plus no collar needs to be worn. Additional features and settings allow owners to keep their cats in at specific times.

Night mode uses a built-in light sensor which activates in-only access for authorised cats at dusk and automatically allows free access at dawn. This keeps cats in at night and reduces the risk of them becoming involved in road traffic accidents.

What are the advantages of a pet door?

Busy owners can allow their pets freedom to self exercise and explore.

Owners can set the access characteristics of the Pet Door: open, in only, out only or locked.
Once set, the pet can access the Pet Door without the owner’s constant authorisation.
Pet Doors reduce heat loss because they are small, are shut most of the time and are low to the ground.
Pet Doors can be fitted to internal doors or cages to create sanctuaries for individual pets.
Pet Doors can be locked or use selective entry to prevent unauthorised animals intruding into the home.

How do i introduce my pet to a pet door?

Once a Pet Door is fitted it is a good idea to allow your pet to gradually become familiar with it. Start by propping the door open or fitting the frame but leaving the door out. Tempt your pet through the opening using food treats, don’t force it or they may become scared of the door. Once they are comfortable doing this, un-prop the door or fit the door into the frame. Before long your pet will be speeding through their own personal door.

Question about PetMate Cat Flaps & Dog Doors

Are Pet Mate Pet Doors easy for pets to use, will the animal soon get used to it?

Most animals will take to it immediately; a few more timid creatures will need a little encouragement with tasty titbits. As soon as the pet realises the freedom and independence benefits that the flap has to offer, there will be no more problems!

What are 2-way locking and 4-way locking pet doors?

A 2-way lock allows the user to set the flap in two different positions - either 'Locked' or 'Unlocked'. A 4-way lock gives more control of your pets' movements as it also allows the user to set the flap to 'In Only' and 'Out Only' - which are very useful if you want to keep your pet outside or lock him in at night.

Does the magnet feel heavy to the cat?

No, the magnet is designed specifically for cats of all temperaments, breeds, and sizes and is smaller than many of our competitors magnets.

Does the Pet Mate Electromagnetic Door keep out all other pets?

The Electromagnetic Cat Flap keeps out stray cats which is not wearing a collar or magnet. Any magnetic cat flap has the potential to admit a pet wearing a magnet.

Will my Pet Mate Electromagnetic Door work if my dog wears a cat collar magnet?

Most small dogs have a longer nose than cats. For this reason, the dog collar magnet is more powerful than the cat collar magnet although different breeds will obviously have different nose to collar distances. 
For best results, we recommend that all dogs use dog collar magnets, and cats use cat collar magnets.

What makes the Elite Range different from other cat flaps?

Building on Pet Mate's extensive standard range of pet doors, Cat Mate Elite heralds a major breakthrough in electronic pet access control using the latest radio frequency I.D. technology, giving cat owners the ability to monitor and control their cats' movement. For Super Selective and Selective models, access is controlled by a lightweight I.D. disc attached to the collar. The latest additions to our range, 'Chip & Disc' models (Ref. 355/356), also allows the flap to be activated by your cats' implanted microchip.

Features and benefits within the Elite range include (depending on model):

  • Access control - for multiple cats, allowing entry and exit control for up to between 7 and 16 cats.
  • Timer control - allows you to choose what time of the day or night you want your cat(s) to be indoors or outdoors and automatically changes the lock setting accordingly.
  • Individual access control - choose specific settings for each cat so that you can individually control entry and exit from the house. Further, it will allow you to monitor and control the movement of up to 3 cats, e.g. a sick cat is not allowed out, 2 other cats are.
  • Cat wellbing and peace of mind - verify when your cat last came in or went out using the cat flap/door and how long since the flap/door was last used.
  • Protection - the revolutionary 4 way locking system is secure enough to prevent unwelcome stray cats and persistent animals, such as foxes and raccoons (USA), from entering your home.
Where can I get a replacement flap for my door?

All Replacement flaps can be purchased on line.
We sell replacement flaps for all makes and models of cat flaps and dog doors.
Click Here to view the rplacement flaps.

Automatic Pet Feeder Questions

Does the feeder only serve meals at set times or can I program it to feed when I want?

All of our Automatic Feeders feature easy-to-use programmable meal timers which can be set to feed at the times you require - they are not set to fixed intervals like other automatic feeders.

How many meals does each of the feeders provide?

C10 Pet Feeder (Ref. 205) - serves 1 meal of up to 450g (1lb) over a maximum period of 24 hours.
C20 Pet Feeder (Ref. 201) - serves 2 meals of up to 450g (1lb) each over a maximum period of 48 hours.
C50 Pet Feeder (Ref. 212) - serves 5 meals of up to 300g (10oz) each over a maxiumum period of 90 hours.

Petsafe 2 Meal Feeder (Ref.PFD19-10772) Serves 2 Meals (1.5 Cupd portions)

Petsafe 5 Meal Feeder (Ref.PFD11-13707) Serves 5 1-cup portions on a schedule set by you


Are the feeders easy to clean?

Yes, all food-safe components on all of our pet feeders, including lids and bowls, are easy to clean and may be put in a dishwasher. All other parts may be cleaned using a cloth dampened with water.

Will my pet be able to interfere with the feeder and get to the food before the programmed meal time?

All feeders are designed to be as secure and tamper-proof as possible and will dispense/serve food only when the timer allows. In addition, for overly vigorous cats and small dogs, all feeders can be easily fastened to a wooden board for extra stability.

Questions About Bark Control

Does My Dog Need Bark Control?

Dogs bark for many different reasons but in most cases barking serves as a form of communication. Dog owners will generally recognise four different types of bark; warning, alarm, playful and need. For instance continuous fast barking is a warning, perhaps alerting that someone is entering their home territory, whereas long, drawn-out barks at a high pitch, with pauses between each one indicate that a dog is in need and is possibly lonely. It is important for dog owners to try to establish why their dog is barking. Some barking may be completely normal, such as when someone knocks at the front door, but other barking may be associated with behavioural problems such as separation anxiety. Bark Control systems should not be used on dogs whose barking is a consequence of an anxiety or stress related condition.

Why Should I Use Bark Control?

If your dog’s barking is normal but unacceptable then Bark Control may be your solution. Not only do barking dogs disturb their owners they also disturb neighbours, and tenants could face eviction by landlords if their dog’s barking is becoming a nuisance. Unfortunately behavioural therapy to manage barking can take a long time to be effective and sometimes it is necessary to find a solution very quickly.

How Does Bark Control Work?

PetSafe® Bark Control systems are behaviourally activated. They use an unpleasant stimulation to discourage a dog from barking. The stimulation is delivered automatically from a device on a collar when the dog barks. Many collars have sensors which detect both sound and vibration so that it is only your dog’s bark which will activate stimulation and not environmental noises. Some collars automatically increase the intensity of stimulation if barking continues until it is successfully interrupted. This ensures that the lowest intensity of stimulation necessary is delivered to interrupt the barking. This technology can also remember what intensity of stimulation had to be delivered to interrupt the barking and deliver stimulation at that level the next time that the dog barks. Ultimately dogs learn not to bark and avoid the stimulation completely.

What Type of Bark Control is there?

There are essentially four Bark Control systems:

Ultrasonic and sonic stimulation emits a harmless but annoying high frequency sound to distract the dog from barking.

Spray stimulation uses an unscented or citronella scented mist which is sprayed forward to interrupt a dog’s barking.

Vibration stimulation utilises low frequency vibration that the dog feels on the underside of the neck not far from the ‘voice-box’ to interrupt barking.

Static stimulation is the most extensively researched system and uses a safe pulse of static electricity which passes between two skin contacts on the underside of the neck.

There are also two ultrasonic devices which are not attached to the dog’s collar and are independent of the dog. One is for use indoors and the other is for use outdoors. The Outdoor Bark Control unit not only deters your dog from barking but it also deters your neighbour’s dogs from barking too.

When should i not use a bark control system?

Spray, ultrasonic, sonic and vibration systems can be used in any situation. However, there are situations where electronic collars that deliver static stimulation should not be used.

In dogs under 6 months of age.
Pregnant or nursing bitches.
Dogs with health problems especially heart disease.
Dogs that are unable to respond appropriately due to injury, illness, age or senility.
Where dogs have aggressive tendencies. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety and similar anxiety related disorders.

Questions about Frolicat

Is Folicats laser safe for my cat's or dog's eyes?

FroliCat contains a low-level laser, which is considered safe for animals and people when used in accordance with the included instructions.  We work actively with the FDA throughout our product development process and have reached out to a veterinary ophthalmologist who feels the Bolt poses little to no risk to animals when used properly.  We use the Folicat with our pets at home.

What is the difference between BOLT and DART?
  • Both the Bolt & Dart are made to be used with cats & dogs.  The Bolt works best when placed on a shelf or table, or in your hand for Manual mode. The Dart works best on the floor because the laser rotates in a 360 degree pattern.
  • The Bolt automatically engages play mode when it is turned on; this lasts 15 minutes unless turned off sooner. The Bolt also has a Manual mode where you can turn off the motor, allowing you to maneuver the laser yourself.
  • The Dart has both adjustable speeds and timer settings. There are four different speed settings which run for 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. This allows for 16 different play combinations.
Do cats get a chance to 'catch' the laser?

The Bolt laser occasionally stops during the play mode for a few seconds. This allows your pet to 'catch' the laser before it starts moving again.

Does BOLT have a Manual mode?

Yes, the Bolt has a Manual mode. In Manual mode, the laser stays on but the motor does not rotate. This allows you to hold the Bolt in your hand and aim it wherever you like to create your own laser patterns.

Which Brilliant Pet products are best for Dogs?

Both Bolt and Dart can be used with dogs.  The Dart provides a wider base and 360&#176 laser pattern providing a circular chase motion familiar with dogs. The Bolt offers a random play pattern with adjustable sizes for the area of play, this appeals to a dog's curiosity.</p>

Questions about Verm-X

How does Verm-X work?

Verm-X works to create an environment in the gut and digestive system that is able to eradicate and expel intestinal challenges. Unlike some pharmaceutical products that act with a purging effect, Verm-X is very gentle. With the regular feeding of Verm-X this environment will stay maintained throughout the year giving your horse constant protection. It is difficult to stop your animal from picking up challenges; the key is stopping them from settling and doing any damage.

Do herbal formulations work?

Verm-X consists of herbs that have been used for centuries as a natural way to control intestinal challenges. Prior to the 1930s there were no petroleum-based man-made products. There were just herbs. Verm-X has made available formulations that have stood the test of time for being effective remedies for a far longer period of time than modern man-made products. Verm-X is therefore ideal for those wishing to find a natural way to address an important area of animal husbandry.

Is Verm-X just a preventative?

No, Verm-X is a powerful product and the environment Verm-X builds in the gut is not only able to remove any current challenges but also acts as a preventative.

Where is Verm-X made?

Verm-X is a British company, based in Somerset and all our products are produced in the UK. The facilities where Verm-X is made are non-GM and FEMAS and ISSO 9001:2008 registered.

I keep my animals on an organic holding, can I use Verm-X?

Yes, Verm-X is the only product of its type registered with the Organic Farmers and Growers certification program.

What happens if my animal eats more than the recommended amount?

There have been situations where client's dogs have eaten a whole packet of Verm-X Dog Crunchies and some dogs have even eaten a whole 750g pot of Verm-X Pellets for Poultry! In these types of scenarios the animals are fine as the products are herbal and safe but should accidents like these occur, ensure your animals have plenty of fresh water to drink and also don't be surprised if your animal has diarrhea for a short time.

Chemical products may contain powerful drugs and may also have devastating effects on animals and children if administered and stored incorrectly. Does Verm-X carry the same dangers?

No! Because Verm-X is 100% natural and herbal it does not carry the same dangerous effects that chemical products carry if given incorrectly.
Verm-X is safe to be handled by children when feeding their pets (always follow instruction on each pack.) However we do not advise the careless use or storage of any products.

My animal is pregnant; can I still use Verm-X on her? Also, is it safe to use whilst she is feeding her young?

Yes, Verm-X is completely safe to use throughout pregnancy and also when the mother is feeding her young.

Can I use Verm-X alongside a conventional routine?

Yes. Verm-X is designed to be used on its own all year round, it can also be used as part of a conventional program. There are no ingredients in Verm-X that would inhibit the effect of any ingredients used in pharmaceutical products.

Can resistances be built up against herbal formulations such as Verm-X?

The active ingredients in Verm-X are all herbal and natural. Herbs have been used for centuries and there are no reported cases of resistance. is rated 4.69 stars by based on 2694 merchant reviews

4.69 / 5 Rating
2694 Reviews
Great service. Kept me informed of what stage my order was at. The products were just what I wanted and arrived a day after the order was placed. Can't ask for more.
Done what it said it would do in the time it said it would do it. Perfectly happy with the service, however the box it came in was damaged, not the flap box, the carriage box, so that was down to the courier no doubt. But its Yodel so what does one expect, they dont give a fcuk about anything other than profit, so we'll let that bit slide. Apart from that, happy as a Bengal(which is what cat i have obvs)...
order came on time ,great service will continue to use this company.Thanks