Petsafe VT-100 Vibration Remote Trainer

Petsafe VT-100 Vibration Remote Trainer

Brand: PetSafe
Product Code: PDT19-14680
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Experience a new way to communicate with your dog. The easy-to-use PetSafe® VT-100 Vibration Remote Trainer features 16 adjustable vibration levels. You can teach standard commands or eliminate misbehavior. At the push of a button, the handheld remote transmitter sends a signal, causing your dog’s receiver collar to vibrate. The vibration safely and effectively gets your pet’s attention. You’ll spend less time training and more time enjoying your dog. The random vibration pattern is perfect for training deaf dogs. Control your pet without a lead within a range of up to 100 metres. The trainer has been proven safe, comfortable and effective for both small and large dog breeds. Using the Remote Trainer consistently and correctly, any basic obedience commands can be taught and many misbehaviours that your pet exhibits can be corrected.


  • For dogs 3.6 kg and up
  • Fits neck sizes up to 56 cm
  • Tone-only button
  • Up to 100 metres
  • 16 adjustable levels of vibration stimulation plus instant +2 Boost button
  • Only 1 Pet
  • Water-resistant Receiver Collar
  • Good/low battery indicator
  • Related Part Numbers: RFA-528, RFA-532
Collar Unit Size (mm) .
Collar To Fit Neck size up to 71cm
Batteries Required 2, 3-Volt Lithium CR2032 Batteries 1, 3-Volt Lithium CR2 Battery
Method of Correction Vibration
Max Range (m) 100m
Average Battery Life .
Recharging Time N/A
Number of correction levels 16 Levels of Vibration Stimulation plus Tone only +2 for distractions
Water Proof Water-resistant Receiver Collar
Low Battery Indicator .
Max Number of Dogs 1
Suitable for :-
Suitable for .
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2535 Reviews
They delivery 2 days after ordering fitted the spare flap for the old cat flap no hassle ..
excellent service, fast delivery (next day). I had one of these for many years and went wrong so replaced it. It is extremely effective at stopping my 6 month old puppy eating rubbish, dog mess and constant barking. Worked wonders before with my other dogs and has worked again within a couple of days. Would recommend both the product and Catflaps.
Very good service. Cat flap and panel purchased, both easy to fit. Now just need to convince the cats to use it!!