Premier Terry Ryan Dog Training Obedience Treat Pouch RED

Premier Terry Ryan Dog Training Obedience Treat Pouch RED

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The Original Terry Ryan Design. Premier Quick Access Obedience Treat Pouch

Manufactured By Premier Pet Products - The Treat Pouch has a water resistant lining, a strong hinge,  two storage pockets, a ring attachment and is big enough to fit your entire hand inside

More Details:

This is the original Quick Access Obedience dog Treat Pouch, which was designed by renowned dog trainer Terry Ryan. This pouch was designed for quick and easy access to treats as soon as your hand enters the bag you will notice a reaction from you're dog. Hands come in all sizes so the pouch has been designed for use by all. The bag has been designed to stay open or closed quickly and easily as required.  The pouch comes with a clip on belt suitable for wastes up to 44 inches.  If you don't want to use the belt, it can be easily removed and you can use the built-in belt clip.  This teat bag also has a front storage pocket good for clickers or poop bags..


  • Latch: The bag has a pop style opener simple to use which is very neat it has a flexible section built into the top of the bag which keeps the bag open when required and snaps shut to close the bag.
  • Material: A quality material has been chosen in the manufacture of this product designed to last.
  • Size: pouch (6.5"H x 8.75"W) opening (3.5"H x 4.75"W) 
  • Belt: The belt is detachable so if you do not want to use it you have that option.
  • Front Pocket: provides a space for a second treat or other training items you may carry.
  • Key Ring: included for attaching other items

Teach Your Dog To Take Food 
Treats Gently!
Some dogs are naturally enthusiastic and rough about receiving food from your hand. There are ways to help your dog overcome that habit.
Plan One Use only very small pieces of food, so when taking the treat, the dog always has to make contact with your fingers. If he's rough, keep the food squeezed tightly in your hand or fingers until he becomes gentle. He will learn that the gentle approach gets you to release the food. lf he barks or pavvs at your hand, remain still and quiet and hang on tightly to the food until you feel him becoming gentle.
Plan Two For overly ambitious dogs or for people with tender fingers, friend and trainer Dawn Jecs taught me this trick. Place the tidbit into the bowl of a metal spoon. Direct the handle of the spoon along your wrist so that only the bowl and food are in your hand. Put your thumb over the food. Now if the dog bites too hard, he makes contact with the metal, which is not very pleasant. Take your thumb off the food when your dog's lips become gentle. You need not say a thing. Your dog will learn to accept food nicely.
IMPORTANT For optimal use we recommend lubricating the hinge pins of the pouch approximately every 200 openings / closings with vegetable or olive oil or any commercial lubricant designed for food grade applications.

Terry's Pouch-Cleaning Behaviour
l've put the pouches into the clothes washer, and they come out okay. Over time they look a bit "beat up" - the  sign of a real trainer and not a "poser."
lf you care about looks, wipe the pouch out with a damp cloth, or scrub it with a bottle brush in soapy dishwater. Be sure to get the soap residue out! Dry it in the sun. 
What I do most of the time is a compromise between the two. I place the open pouches upside down on the top rack of the dish washer. Use the fragile setting and skip the dry cycle. lf you wedge them in just right they stay in, open side down, in spite of the force of the water. (lf you have trouble, wedge them in with Squirrel Dude™ There should be some Squirrel Dudes* around that need a bath.)

Overall Size 220mm x 160mm x 25mm
Collar Unit Size (mm) N/A
Collar To Fit Neck size N/A
Remote Control Unit (mm) N/A
Batteries Required N/A
Method of Correction Traets (reward for good behaviour)
Max Range (m) Arms length
Suitable for :-
Suitable for Most Dogs
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