Training Your Cat

Training your cat to use the cat flap

Most cats will learn to use the cat flap almost at once but there are a few who may be a little nervous at first. The following tips will help your pet to take full advantage of the outdoor freedom and indoor comfort – which you want for your cat – and which your new cat flap provides. The most important rule is to be patient with your cat. Don’t be in a hurry. Let your cat work out for itself that it can go in and out of doors. Don’t force it through the flap or it may become frightened. Many cat owners install cat flaps when they move house. If this applies to you, make sure that your cat is familiar with his or her surroundings before you fit the cat flap. Take it on supervised trips outdoors on a leash and make sure it also feels secure and comfortable in its new indoor environment. Cats can develop long lasting fears in unfamiliar surroundings.

Once you have installed your cat flap, leave the flap open for some time. You can do this by using a long strip of masking tape; open the flap and use the tape to keep it held open by fixing the other end of the tape to the surface above. Make sure that the fixing is secure so that the flap can not fall down accidentally. Let your cat become familiar with it and go in and out freely. Establish a motive for your cat to use the door. A good one is food. First feed the cat near the door, inside and then near the door outside. Repeat as often as you need to. Most cats, especially kittens, also have a strong urge for freedom, perhaps to hunt. Cats are also social creatures – they enjoy the company of other cats. This can be another reason for them to explore outside.

If this is something new to your cat, it may take some patience to teach your cat how to use it. When your cat makes progress, give them a lot of praise - they’ve earned it!

Training your cat to use the magnetic collar key

Before allowing your cat to use the cat flap, it is wise to acquaint your self with the operation of the magnetic lock. From the outside of the house take the collar key in your hand and then move it to the bottom of the fi xed tunnel attached to the inner frame. You should hear the lock mechanism “click”. (Please note that this will only work when the cat flap is fully assembled).

Leaving the magnet on the tunnel, push the flap using your hand. You should note that the flap will not open if you hold the collar key against the flap in your hand – only when leaving it on the fixed tunnel. You can prove this by trying to push the flap with your hand when the magnet is not on the tunnel. Only when the cat is comfortable going in and out of the cat flap whilst the flap has been propped open, (in line with the general training tips in the previous section) should you fi t the collar key onto your cat’s collar. When fixing the collar to your cat, ensure that the collar key is positioned centrally below your cat’s chin. (Please note that the magnetic collar key is required only to enter the cat flap).



Some cats can take time to get used to the operation of the magnetic cat flap - some learning more quickly than others. The emphasis here is on persistence; try using a favourite treat to not only coax your cat through the cat flap, but to encourage the cat to move their head, and therefore their collar key towards the base of the tunnel. If your cat has only just become familiar with the using a cat flap, it may take some patience to teach your cat how the magnetic function works. When your cat makes progress, give them a lot of praise. Keep repeating the exercise until your cat can come through the cat flap comfortably. 

Cleaning the cat flap

Your cat flap is constructed in the highest quality material with a toughened flap and has been designed to last for many years. To maintain its appearance, occasional wiping with a damp cloth is all that is necessary. is rated 4.69 stars by based on 2694 merchant reviews

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Done what it said it would do in the time it said it would do it. Perfectly happy with the service, however the box it came in was damaged, not the flap box, the carriage box, so that was down to the courier no doubt. But its Yodel so what does one expect, they dont give a fcuk about anything other than profit, so we'll let that bit slide. Apart from that, happy as a Bengal(which is what cat i have obvs)...
order came on time ,great service will continue to use this company.Thanks