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Feeders Automatic

Innovative pet feeders and water fountains
We stock a wide range of Pet Feeders and Pet Fountains from PetMate, Petsafe & Drinkwell. They are designed to ensure your pet is fit, healthy and well provided for by making sure they’re fed the right amount at the right time and by providing a constant, fresh supply of water that’s so vital for their health and wellbeing.

Pet Fountains

A well-watered pet is a healthy pet. Our range of stylish, charcoal-filtered, free-flowing Drinkwell Pet Fountains encourage dogs, cats and kittens to drink and stay hydrated.

Pet Feeders

Many pets benefit from meals delivered on a ‘little and often’ basis. Our range of Pet Feeders is ideal for all pet cats and dogs.

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  • C3000 Automatic Dry Food Pet Feeder
    Description: The CAT MATE C3000 feeder is designed to ensure your pet’s recommended dry food allowance, in order to minimise the health risks and costs of overfeeding. Our carefully developed dry food feeder allows you to program up to 3 individually sized meals over a day and will allow meals to..
    Ex Tax: £58.85 £70.62
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ Programmable Digital Pet Feeder best price
    Description Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ Programmable Digital Pet Feeder With its stylish and advanced design, the Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ Programmable Digital Pet Feeder gives you peace of mind knowing your pet is fed the right portion at the right time whether you are home or away. Setup is quick w..
    Ex Tax: £86.65 £103.98 £156.31
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Pet Mate C10 Single Meal Automatic Feeder
    Description: The Cat Mate C10 is designed to feed your cat, kitten or small dog, when you are away. Food is kept fresh in an easy-clean compartment sealed by a closely fitting lid. Just set the timer on the lid to open at the required time, up to 24 hours later. Features Large food bowl ..
    Ex Tax: £21.88 £26.26
  • Pet Mate C20 Two Meal Automatic Feeder best price
    Description: The Cat Mate C20 is designed to feed one or two cats, kittens or small dogs when you are away - during the day, evening or over the weekend. Food is kept fresh in two easy-clean compartments sealed by closely fitting lids, and cooled by a built-in ice pack. Just set the timer on each..
    Ex Tax: £23.12 £27.74 £37.37
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Petsafe 2 meal Automatic Pet Feeder best price
    Description With our 2-meal feeder you can manage your pet’s diet even when you’re not at home. This convenient system allows you to set the timer for each meal up to 48 hours in advance. Each section can hold a portion size equal to 1.5 cups. You can rest assured that your furry pal will get the..
    Ex Tax: £21.65 £25.98 £28.64
  • Petsafe 5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder
    Description Now you don’t have to feel guilty when your life keeps you busy. This handy feeder gives you the freedom to leave your pet at home without worrying about him missing meals or snacks. Fill up the 5 one-cup portion sections and set the timer for when you want your pet to get fed. The tr..
    Ex Tax: £40.18 £48.22
  • Petsafe Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder best price
    Description Most suited to cats and small dogs, the stylish Digital Two Meal Pet Feeder has a LCD digital display which allows for easy programming of meal times. Your pet will get the appropriate portion served right on schedule. No late or missed meals again when your life keeps you busy or away...
    Ex Tax: £26.59 £31.91 £54.65
  • Petsafe Staywell PetPod 170 Dog Automatic Feeder - Large
    petPodTM will automatically take care of feeding your pet with total, digitally timed accuracy. It will care for your pet just as you would, dispensing meals and medication at the right times. With an easy-to-read LCD display, you can set the times your pet will eat.  Features • Large capac..
    Ex Tax: £33.33 £40.00
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Cat flap as expected as an identical replacement. Kept informed as order was processed, stated approx a week for delivery but arrived after 3 days. Cheapest I found on the market. Highly recommended
Quick delivery no problems considering the current situation going on in the country
Helpful service and quick delivery.