Petsafe Manual Cat Flap & Toy Value Pack

Petsafe Manual Cat Flap & Toy Value Pack

Brand: PetSafe
Product Code: CFVP001
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Manual Cat Flap & Toy Value Pack

Included in this value pack:

1 x Staywell 300 Deluxe White Manual Cat Flap

1 x Petsafe Slim Cat Interactive treat toy

1 x Funkitty™ Doorway Dangli™ Cat Exercise Toy

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300 Manual Cat Flap - The 4-Way Locking Cat Door allows you to control your cat’s access in and out of your home. The 4-Way lock allows you to choose from four access options: open, locked, in-only and out-only. The open option allows entry or exit, the locked option does not allow entry or exit, the in-only option allows entry but no exit and the out-only option allows exit but no entry. The 4-Way Locking Cat Door can be installed in interior or exterior doors or walls. An optional tunnel is included for installation in doors and walls 2" thick. Additional tunnels are available (sold separately) for installation in doors and walls thicker than 2". 


White - Deluxe 4 way locking cat flap. With tunnel and see through flap
Suitable for cats up to 7kg (15Ibs)
Universal Fitting 
4 Way Security Lock (in Only, Out Only, In and out, Locked)
Suitable for doors up to 50mm (2") thick.
Optional Tunnels are available for installation through walls
Overall size : 241mm x 252mm, (9 1/4" x 9 3/4")
Cut out size Glass : Diameter 212mm, (8 3/8")
Cut out size Wood : 168mm x 175mm, (6 1/2" x 6 3/4")
Pet Max shoulder width : 150mm, (5 7/8")

SlimCat™ Interactive Feeder- Blue

A healthier way to dispense your cat's dry food.

Nearly 50% of the cat population shows some signs of obesity. SlimCat™ is an interactive feeding ball that provides portion control and hours of physical activity for your cat. The SlimCat™ increases feline activity, decreases excessive eating, and improves behavioural problems associated with boredom such as excessive meowing, scratching, or aggression. 

SlimCat™ distributes an adjustable amount of dry food as the cat plays with it. By providing smaller portions of food throughout the day, it helps to maintain optimum weight as well as improve your cat's digestion.  It is great for cats of all sizes, especially overweight cats.  Fill with a healthy portion of dry food and watch your cat shape up!


Helps maintain optimum weight
Dispenses an adjustable amount of food
Holds up to 150 mL (2/3 cup)
Use with dry food only
Dishwasher safe

Funkitty™ Doorway Dangli™ Cat Exercise Toy

Hang the Doorway Dangli™ toy from any doorway to create an instant kitty play centre. This treat-dispensing toy is designed to appeal to your cat's playful nature by randomly releasing food. The adjustable opening lets you control how fast treats pop out as your cat grabs, swipes and bats at the toy. The dangling fur tail satisfies your cat's natural hunting instinct. The stretchy bungee cord adds bouncy excitement. The breakaway safety buckle keeps your cat safe from accidents. The toy is made from soft plastic that will not damage the wall or door frame as the toy swings back and forth.

Key Features

Soft plastic treat-dispensing toy
Fuzzy, feathery tail mimics natural prey
Extra-long bungee cord stretches for a fun bounce
Includes a flexible hanger for easily slipping on a door frame
Safety buckle on the bungee cord breaks away if too much pressure is applied
Dishwasher safe, top rack only

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2734 Reviews
Just what was needed and in a hurry too, arrived within a couple of days!
Great service speedy delivery, we got the large dog/cat flap and our border collie can use it perfectly, such easy fitting didn’t take long at all and looks great on his kennel! Love the fact that it has a magnet too so stays closed for all kinds of weather would definitely recommend, very impressed with service and speed thank you!
3 month wait for my item. It turned up wrecked in the post. They refunded me immediately... Not much more to say!