SportDog Beeper Locator - DSL-400-19

SportDog Beeper Locator - DSL-400-19

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The DSL-400 add-on deluxe beeper locator gives you maximum flexibility with a high and low volume option, three settings for beep duration, and four different tones. The DSL-400 beeper uses a 3-volt lithium battery that provides 60-100 hours of on-time. This "run mode" beeper doesn't require a remote to use-- just slip it on your dog and set it to silent, 5-second, or 10-second beep.
Choose from high or low volume, three beep-duration settings and four tones. Our Model DSL-400 uses a 3-volt lithium battery that provides hundreds of hours of "on" time. We even give you a battery-check function so you won't get caught with a dead battery. Our lightweight beeper fits most 1-inch-wide collar straps, so you can put it on or take it off as needed. 

Listed below are options of the continuous beeping you hear when a dog is on point. When the dog is running, you have the choice of (1) silent mode; (2) 5-second beep duration; or (3) 10-second beep duration. Setting Number 4 is the battery-check. 
Standard Beep (S) 
Hawk Scream (H) 
Bobwhite Call (B) 
Trill Tone (T) 
Battery Check (4)

Product Features :
Left mode switch settings :-
1. Single P/O - Single Beep with Point Only (rapid beepwhen the dog is on point)
2. Single P/R - Single Beep with Point and Run (same as above, but beeps approximately every 5-6 seconds while dog is running)
3. Single P/R – Single Beep with Point and Run (same as above, but beeps approximately every 9-10 seconds while the dog is running)
4. Low battery check – Turn the knob to this setting to test the battery.Good battery = a quick high tone double beepLow battery = a long low tone single beep (replace battery at 
this time)

Right sound switch settings :-
S – Standard Beep Tone
H – Hawkscream Bird Call
B – Bob White Bird Call
T – Trill Tone
LO – HI switch to adjust the speaker volume Long life Camera Battery (3 Volt Lithium CR123A)

Attaching the locator to a collar -
The DSL-400 was designed to be both an add-on to an existing training collar, or to be used independently. If you plan to add the Locator to you training collar, simply remove both lids and slide the collar through the brackets. The Locator collar brackets were designed to fit most sporting collars (1/10 by 1 inch collar). Make sure that the training receiver is positioned below the dog’s neck, and that the locator is positioned so that it is on top behind the dog’s head. As seen in the pictures, both the training receiver and the buckle are used as counter 
weights to balance the Locator on top of the dog’s neck. This will direct the loudness of the locator behind the dog. The collar can be attached to the collar provided in the same manor.

Turning on the locator - 
Choose between the features and adjust the switches accordingly. Make sure the LO-HI switch is set to the LO position for first time use. Then tighten the lid snugly to ensure the lid is watertight. Please match the “+” and “-“ polarity on the battery to the super imposed symbols on the outside of the battery compartment. Insert the battery into the case and tighten the lid. Please note that the battery lid has an additional feature that allows it to be used as an ON/OFF switch. Turn the lid until it begins to get difficult to turn. Then align the dot to either the ON or OFF position as seen in the pictures below. In order to test the unit, turn the dot to align in the ON position, and hold the unit motionless for 2 seconds. The unit should then begin to beep in the point mode. The battery lid is waterproof in both the ON and OFF position. This feature was designed to allow the hunter to easily turn the unit off in the field without having to remove the collar.

Regular maintenance and frequently asked questions -
• Use a damp cloth and mild soap for cleaning. Do not use harsh abrasives or solvents, because these products will damage the casing
• Routinely check the tightness of each lid 
• If volume of the beep begins to get noticeably low, check or replace the battery 
• When not in use, just turn the battery lid to the OFF position. No need to remove the battery.
• While using the Locator with an additional training receiver, be sure to separate the Locator from external antennas and the training receiver for better performance. The antenna can cause unwanted vibrations.

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Collar To Fit Neck size up to 71cm
Batteries Required CR123A (supplied) 3v lithium
Max Range (m) 400m
Average Battery Life 60 - 110 hours
Recharging Time n/a
Number of correction levels n/a
Water Proof Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Number of Operation Modes 3
Remote Control na
Vibration/Tone Option n/a
Max Number of Dogs 1
Built in Safety Limiter n/a
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